Creado B in Royal Green
Creado B in Royal Green Close up with PenCreado B in Royal Green Close UpCreado B in Royal Green FlippingCreado B in Royal Green Front BodyCreado B in Royal Green Opens Flat StandingCreado B in Royal Green Opens Flat w BookmarkCreado B in Royal Green Opens Flat

Creado B in Royal Green

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Even with it’s thick bulky look, this thick notebook filled with pages of Daphne Paper opens flat and lies on the table, perfectly and quietly. Being thick also does not mean it has to be heavy. The Creado series is the best series to convince the World about the amazing features of the Daphne Paper – It’s light and un-obstructive.

The notebooks in the Creado Series are the kinds Thinkers, Creators, Doodlers will love! Use it to express creativity without boundaries, or make it your ‘book of ideas’ and always have it opened, showcased on your shelf and use it to keep you motivated!

You can also personalize it, stick a photo to the cover and make it your diary or your photo journal. With the number of pages packed into it, the sky’s the limit. Just pick up your pen and let your creativity flow!

For the Creatives, Creators and the Creados ;)

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Dimensions 15 x 2.5 x 20.7 cm
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