Our Fifth Series and 1 year anniversary promo

Nothing is more wonderful yet fearsome than a fresh blank page.” 


- Every musician, writer and artist will be able to relate.

Well fear no more, for with our Artisana series, 
you’re sure to feel brilliantly inspired no matter the time of the day.
We understand that how one feels at any point of time contributes to our level of inspiration. 
And so we created our Artisana series with that in mind. 
Our mission? To make your artistic experience, 
the best ever for your senses of touch and sight.
All you have to do is unleash the artist within you.
Beautifully textured inside out – light, soft and earthly on touch 
- our premium lokta paper notebooks are a wonder just to hold, 
touch and even, oh so gently caress. 
Naturally cream coloured – our premium lokta pages make going through your past writings a breeze. 
Thanks to the lower contrast between your scribblings and our Artisana’s pages, reading is made easier for your eyes, and for longer hours too.
Give your senses a treat, and inspiration will surely come knocking. 
Daphne Paper / Series #5 / Artisana / Be Inspired

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Photoshot by Nicole


Today is also the day Daphne Paper officially turns 1 years old! 
Thank you so much for this amazing 1 year journey! 

To celebrate we’re having a 1 week buddies promotion for our Artisana & Timekeeper series! Buy 2, get 1 free!

Simply enter coupon code ‘DP1YRAnni‘ to enjoy the discount! (Psst… make sure that your cart only consist of Artisana and TimeKeeper series!)

So hurry hurry, grab your friends, grab your buddies!

Promo lasts just 1 week – till April 7, 2359!